Annoying Smartphone Habits

Annoying Smartphone Habits

Smartphones have made it simpler to digest the news, find that new Thai restaurant, and connect with friends. They’ve also made it simpler to annoy people, too. That’s the downside of smartphones: They’re so habit forming that they encourage bad habits that we’d otherwise rarely tolerate in others. Below are several of the most annoying habits of smartphone users. As they say, admitting that you have a problem is the first step in solving that problem. Are you guilty of any of the bad habits listed below? If so, knock it off.

Texting and driving

The most bothersome smartphone habit isn’t just annoying: It can also be deadly. Far too many people text and drive at the same time, even though doing this is illegal in most states. If you’re guilty of this sin, consider this fact: Texting and driving often brings about fatal accidents. You might not only hurt yourself; you might kill another individual. So, if you can’t resist your cell phone while driving, do the smart thing and shut it off. Then you won’t be tempted to make a potentially deadly mistake.

Paying more attention to your phone than your friends

Smartphones are amazing tools. They’re like miniature computers that you can hold in your hands, but they’re not more intriguing than your friends or family members, are they? Many people are so addicted to their smartphones that they’ll text messages, read emails, and scan the news while seated at lunch with their friends. Or they’ll download a new ring tone while chatting with family members at the dinner table. This isn’t hazardous behavior, but it is tremendously annoying. No one wants to play second fiddle to your cell phone. Look at your stocks when you’re alone.

Noisy keyboards

When you type your text messages, does your phone spit out a series of beeps, boops, and clicks? If so, you need to turn the sound off on your keyboard. No one close to you really wants to hear you typing away the text version of “War and Peace.” So turn off that keyboard sound. The people close to you in the checkout line, next to you on the bus or trying to work in the neighboring cubicle will enjoy it.