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Accounting and finance firms handle large amounts of user data and rely on this information to properly manage user accounts and to drive their operations. Therefore, finance and accounting firms often consider outsourcing their IT management systems so they can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

A top concern for any financial company is having a reliable and highly effective IT management platform that can provide on-demand services and disaster recovery solutions. Enterprise Technology Services has been at the forefront of supporting accounting and financial companies in the Phoenix area and beyond with managed IT solutions that encompass multiple areas of financial operations.

Finance Requires Stable IT Management Services

While most industries are becoming increasingly dependent in IT, the finance sector has long been a valued IT customer. Institutions such as banks, asset account managers, and insurance companies depend on IT effectiveness to run their back office operations, manage risk, and implement sales and marketing strategies.

As a result, the financial support framework of IT services needs to be focused on optimizing performance, managing and storing large amounts of data, optimizing bandwidth for financial firms to access information on demand, and network security to keep customer data as safe as possible. Enterprise Technology Services has experience working with financial institutions and providing them with quality IT management services both in-house and through the cloud.

The financial services sector is also highly volatile. Customer demands can fluctuate quickly, and economic conditions are never quite certain. Flexibility is, therefore, a top concern for any financial services company. That is why Enterprise Technology Services specializes in maintaining flexible and adaptive IT management solutions whenever clients need it.

IT management for accounting and financial firms focuses on offering centralized operational data and processes that can provide real-time visibility of the state of the company. At ETS, we couple this with an extensive support service framework that includes IT project support, technology services consulting, and procurement support.

Client Success Stories

ETS has successfully worked with various financial management firms. We have been able to implement IT solutions that led to reduced costs and rapid growth. One of these companies is Phoenix-based Southwestern Business Financing Corporation (SBFC).

As a provider of loans for small businesses, SBFC operates in a sector that fuels small business growth. Therefore, their ability to handle data and information solutions effectively was a top concern. Prior to ETS working with SBFC, the company was experiencing problems with computer operations and the flow of data.
ETS was able to solve this by thoroughly assessing the state of their current IT systems and identifying opportunities for improvement. We were able to transform the client’s IT system from a computer crisis to a bulletproof and worry-free system.

This was mainly done through strengthening and upgrading the current infrastructure, as well as putting in place remote monitoring mechanisms to provide continuous support and process improvement. Ultimately, SBFC was able to enjoy more stable operations, reduced costs, and constant-growth.

If your accounting or financial firm is in need of some IT management help, please contact us; one of our professionals will be happy to discuss your business’s needs and possible solutions.

Key components of our Project Management Methodology include:



Scope Identification

Phase Definitions

Major Milestones

Post Deployment Support


Project Review and Acceptance


Client Feedback
“I was unaware of how poorly my in-house IT resources were performing until I encountered ETS. After I decided to outsource, ETS sent a SWAT team for an initial assessment. The results almost made me ill. We had all the makings of a total IT meltdown. Within a matter of a few days, ETS had us out of the danger zone and within a few weeks, we were rock-solid.”

Kevin Sandler
CEO and President
ExhibitOne Corporation