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About ETS

“We deliver affordable, enterprise-class technology solutions to businesses of any size.”

About Us

Since 1998, Enterprise Technology Services has been dedicated to providing accessible, affordable, and dependable IT solutions for businesses in Arizona. As the technology needs of businesses grew, so did our services and expertise, so we could continue to aid local business owners. From network planning and consulting to providing the tools for proactive managed IT services, we’ve invested time to ensure that we’re there for clients when they need us and that we can help expand their own IT capabilities.

Planning and Designing Your IT Network

A secure and efficient IT network starts before any of the infrastructures are set up. Whether you’re starting from square one, expanding your current support, or looking to upgrade, ETS works with you to assess what your business needs from its network and how to meet those needs effectively. Consultation begins with laying out the plans for your project, identifying weaknesses in the existing network and potential areas to optimize, taking into account that the needs of businesses vary depending on size, scope and services provided. We also partner with many of the top vendors in the industry to acquire the best hardware and software for you.

Technology Consulting Experts

From the servers and databases to every interconnected desktop and device, network administration and management can be daunting. ETS seeks to lessen the burden by assisting with any IT solutions. Our certified specialists know what they’re doing, and they make sure you know, too. Transparency is key – the most effective IT solutions are ones that the client and users understand and can reliably use themselves. ETS follows industry best practices and consults with clients to ensure that their needs are met, and their budgets are followed.

Proactive Security Strategies

IT problems can surface unexpectedly and, for businesses, cause potentially drastic setbacks in managing services and fulfilling customer requests. We’re fully capable of providing reactive support services on issues with security, data storage, network management, and more. We also believe that a proactive approach is effective. Our suite of ProView applications and services allow full-time monitoring and management to cut off potential risks without tying up your capacity to fulfill your business. Backups and disaster recovery systems, cloud storage, routine monitoring and security, and firmware updates are all established ahead of time. This way, you won’t be scrambling to pick everything back up after a potential data disaster.

Our help desk services fulfill the IT Infrastructure Library standards for companies not equipped to establish their on-premise department. At the same time, our solutions are designed to give the client control as they need. We even provide the resources for in-house staffing specialists, with an extensive recruitment and screening process for long-term contractors and potential new employees.

The Value of Client Relationships

Over two decades, ETS has accumulated experience on multiple fronts – not just in our team’s collective expertise in IT integration, support, and security, but also in customer service that truly fulfills the client’s needs. We do more than provide IT services – we provide Managed Services tailored to our clients within the Phoenix, AZ area. That means taking the time to ensure that the client understands what we do for them. We strive for solutions that endure and that give control to the client over their own IT networks.

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From startups to large-scale enterprises and everything in between, all of our partners can attest to the professional service and dedication we provide. 

ETS embraces the value that experience brings! We have assembled a team of IT professionals who know what to do and how to do it! Customer service and technical competency are the foundations of our business, delivered by professionals who understand the concept of adding value to the client relationship. Contact us today!

Our Technical teams have a combined 175+ years of IT integration and support experience.

Our Operations team has a combined 50+ years of IT-related customer service experience.

Our Management team has a combined 80+ years of IT service process and delivery experience.

Our Account team has a combined 85+ years of IT consulting experience to Arizona businesses.

Not many IT support organizations can claim the depth and breadth of experience that ETS brings to each client relationship! This experience has been a key in developing strong business references throughout our 20+ year history, from small fast-growing startups to large enterprise organizations.

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Client Feedback

“ETS has been an outstanding business partner for our company! They have worked diligently with us since 1998 to improve our customer service levels, upgrade and standardize our technical infrastructure, and significantly reduce our IT support costs.”

Chief Information Officer
Large Healthcare Organization

“When we describe the type of relationship that we want to have with our customers, we point to our relationship with ETS.”

Roz Lipsey
Jokake Construction Co.