5 ways you can make your business greener

5 ways you can make your business greener

Creating a green office is a great way to save money and do good for the environment. Although building a greener office does take hard work, it can be done by just about any business, big or small. In honor of Earth Day we are supplying you with a few basic tips that can help you transform your office into a greener environment.

1.    Use double-sided printing whenever possible

Set your printer or copier’s default mode to double-sided printing to automatically cut down on paper use. This is a simple step and if anyone requires single-sided printing they can quickly change the settings.

2.    Use a water delivery service

Bottled water is incredibly wasteful, and unfortunately is common in most offices. Using a water delivery service gives your employees the opportunity to drink clean water without wasting all that plastic and suffering from the possible health effects of bottled water.

3.    Turn lights and machines off when they’re not being used

While this may seem like an obvious way to be eco-friendly, many people overlook its necessity. Some people think that it’s more efficient to leave computers and other machines on overnight, but it’s far more wasteful than anything else. If you can afford to install motion sensors, they are always a great option as well.

4.    Use recycled and recyclable products when you can

Virtually any paper product that you use in your office can likely be bought in a recycled form. Recycled versions of most products are generally available at popular office supply retailers and are usually inexpensive.

Also using recyclable and compostable products when you can is a huge way to cut back on waste in your office. If you choose to use recyclable products, make sure your employees know about your recycling program and are actually using it.

5.    Cut down on commuting

If you have a lot of employees who commute to work, try setting up a carpool matching service that connects people who live near one another. Offering incentives like a better parking spot to people who carpool is a great way to generate interest in the idea.

As you can see, these are simple and inexpensive ways to make your office greener. If you’re interested in even more green ideas, take a look at this article.