4 methods for keeping your employees motivated

4 methods for keeping your employees motivated

It can often be difficult to motivate employees when you’re running a small business. Resources are limited, and time is extremely valuable. Incentives are essential when it comes to motivation, however; finding inexpensive and easy incentives is crucial.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to keep employee morale high without breaking the bank. Here are a few creative and simple ideas:

1. Ask for input

By seeking employees’ opinions, you are showing them that their opinions are valued. Employees are likely to be more inclined to work harder when they feel that their actions and opinions truly influence the company overall.

2. Change it up

Boredom can be among the biggest de-motivators out there. Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways to derail boredom. Mixing up projects and responsibilities in an effort to allow employees to showcase their talents, even if they’re not completely work-related, can help inspire employees to work harder on all of their projects.

3. Focus on a great company culture

Some of the best companies to work at are the ones that employees feel are unique. Developing a great company culture can actually be quite simple and may help you to find and retain strong employees. A game room where employees can take a break and decompress when they’re feeling burned out can do wonders.

4. Recognize people for a job well done

One of the largest de-motivators can be working away on something and feeling like nobody is even aware of your hard work. For this reason, it’s vital to let employees know that you recognize their hard work and appreciate it.

Something as simple as bringing up their achievements at a company-wide meeting or sending around an email recognizing their triumphs can make them feel appreciated. Although they may avoid attention, they will likely be pleased to know that they’re being recognized.

All of these techniques are easy, inexpensive and can do wonders when it comes to motivating employees. Try out one or two of these ideas to see how they may affect employee morale and motivation.

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