3 ways to make sure your computer is safe

3 ways to make sure your computer is safe

We all love computers. Don’t deny it, you’re on one right now. The reason computers are so popular, of course, is due to the value they offer. This value isn’t only found in what a computer offers, but also in what a computer costs. Even basic netbooks costs a few hundred dollars. This makes these valuable machines regular targets for thieves. Be sure to keep your computer safeguarded from these attempts; here are some tips to do so.

Physical Security

Don’t mistake the cables plugged into your desktop as any kind of safeguard. Even if they are complicated and difficult to access, a thief is more than happy to leave with the bare bones of your machine. To avoid being left with only a tangle of wires, try using a strong security cable, preferably one that includes a key. These cables generally cost around $40 and are easy to install and use. They anchor your computer in a way that makes it very difficult to steal.

Data Security

A computer is a valuable target for a thief, not only due to the material value of the machine but also because of the data stored within. Encrypting data is always a good protective measure to help ensure your data is safe, but there is certain data you should never store permanently. Such information includes your credit card information, social security number and checking account. Having your identity stolen will only add insult to injury.

Keeping Track

You’ve probably heard of computer tracking software and services. If a thief steals your computer, especially a laptop, using a computer tracking service lets you track down your lost computer and increases the chances of it being retrieved safely. While these apps can be installed on any computer, it’s important to note that they can be rendered ineffective if your hard drive is wiped clean. However, they are still a valuable safeguard and have been successful in numerous computer theft cases.

While all of these tips are useful in keeping your computer safe, there is no replacement for common sense and reasonable vigilance. Make sure to take good care of your computer; chances are it takes good care of you.