3 things to avoid at work

3 things to avoid at work

We all know about good habits to form in the workplace, such as paying close attention to detail or keeping your workspace tidy. We don’t often hear about the bad habits though. Research has found that it takes 21 days of repetition to make or break any pre-existing habitual act. While breaking a bad habit isn’t impossible, it still takes a lot of time and mental effort. The best measures to take against bad habits are preventative. Here are 3 bad habits that are common in any workplace, as well as some tips on avoiding them.

Working Through Lunch

    Many jobs can get busy and hectic throughout the day, making the idea of working through lunch in order to catch up on some paperwork a tempting idea.It’s important to avoid this habit, however. While working through lunch may be a necessity at times, it should be a priority to give yourself a break. Doing so will help you stay rejuvenated and motivate you to be more productive for the remainder of the day. Staying away from the habit of working through lunch might actually help you get more done.


    Let’s face facts, not all jobs are thrilling. Sometimes it’s easy to idealize your dream job, but be warned, this is a bad habit to make. The grass will always seem greener on the other side, and you won’t be able to find satisfaction with your work unless you start finding happiness with where you’re at presently. Next time you start dreaming about being a famous actor, take some time to appreciate the things that your job provides for you now, like money or medical insurance.

Work Time Distractions

    When spending all day in front of a computer, it’s easy to be tempted to allow certain distractions in. Checking your personal email or looking up an entertaining YouTube video can be good for short breaks, but don’t let that behavior become habitual. It’s easy to waste away an entire morning if this kind of bad habit is formed. When you’re tempted to stray from work related material on the computer, try scheduling “mini breaks” as rewards for getting a large portion of a project done or working straight for a determined number of hours.

    Avoiding the formation of bad habits is the best way to beat them. Next time you’re tempted to let any of these actions become regular, take a moment to consider a way to act otherwise.